Quadpraphic is focused on creating effective and intuitive product design and scalable approach to product development. Our Product Development approach focuses on strategic priorities, usability, and process visibility. We strongly believe that driving business benefits from IT is a fundamental requirement of all enterprise IT business solutions. Our objective is to provide you value for your money, improve your time to market, and reduce your technology risks with an effective and customizable business solution. We can bring your custom product from concept to production or we can focus on a problem area and help you navigate the product life cycle smoothly. We can customize an already build product from within the IT-Xplorers suite of products that meets your business requirement. When you partner with Quadraphic, you are assured of a professional and smooth navigation through the product lifecycle.



Quadraphic flagship product ISO-Xplo is a document management application framework for providing a quality management system to allow organizations to conform to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 13485. The document management system consists of two zones, the Back-end documentation core where all the processes and quality documents are edited by the quality team, versioned, managed and updated, and a published area where all the quality documents that are approved are stored to be made accessible by the rest of the users. The system supports approval workflows for review and approval of these quality documents and all the documents are access controlled to prevent unauthorized users from viewing them thereby protecting company IP. ISO-Xplorer is built on Alfresco Enterprise Content Management platform that is an industry leader in open source ECM products. Although the product is not 21 CFR Part compliant yet, it comes under the Hybrid System’s category recognized by FDA in Chapter 11.


Scalable – The system is build on scalable Alfresco platform that allows million of documents to be stored in the repository.

Open - The repository is accessible via JSR 170 API that allows for integration of this repository with other applications as well as keeping the clients free from product dependency.

Distributed – The system allows for deployment in a high availability load balanced environment.

Web Based – The whole system is built on a web based environment with no thick client components to ease maintenance and further enhancements.